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New Bali Luxury Retirement Villas seek Bali God's Blessing

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When people asked me what I did back for my birthday this year I will state we had a blessing ceremony for our brand-new project that I been dreaming about for quite some time. 

© Bali Luxury Retirement Villas. fulfills a need that I believe will be one of the largest demands for Bali Real estate in the coming 5 to 15 years for baby boomers who wish to retire Bali

Before you start any new project in Bali you must appease the gods by having a Blessings Ceremony.

So we drove five minutes from our home over to our new location 200 m from one of the best swimming beaches on Bali's East Coast in the village of Saba.
 We chose this location for a beautiful beach and it's brand-new hospital across the street which is major request from baby-boomer  retirees.

 The views from the beach are magnificent all the way over to the channel Islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. 
To the south you can see one of the qualities main tourist areas the village of Sanur .
 The beach is only 200 m from our new Bali luxury retirement villas.

 We have a large 3,500 m² property we plan on building eight luxury retirement villas on.

 The beach is so close that you can hear it and see it through the palm trees.
We brought our two boys along to participate in this very important ceremony.
I told them that their children will probably inherit this land after the 80 year leases run out.

The ceremony was arranged by Wayan our housekeeping manager who has worked with us for the past 15 years and a local village priest who did the chant.
 Their assistants were busily preparing all the offerings, which were substantial.
 Finally the ceremony began.
 Not being one who can kneel easily on the ground my entire life I found a good position to watch the proceedings.

  They've must have  done this before because they brought along a small table which could act as an altar

 As a priest chanted his assistants placed offerings in various locations throughout the property.

 Part of the ceremony is to let off three homemade firecrackers which are devised from bamboo.
 A temporary temple was installed on the north end of the property.

 All these offerings are quite colourful and make for some great photos.
 Here is our son Darius in the middle along with our older son Xander and our architect Wisnu in the background

 The priest chanted on for approximately an hour.
The Frangipani trees that are planted on the land bloomed recently making for some great views of what are the owners will see. 

We concluded that we will not cut them down when we  build the Villas  but instead move them to a location suitable for them. Therefore maintaining the spirit of the land.
 The priest assistants continued to place offerings throughout the entire one-hour ceremony.

 Wayan makes some offerings and a special prayer at the temporary altar which will be replaced my permanent one later.
 At first we questioned the approximately $200 charge for the ceremony but after seeing all the offerings and the amount of work that goes into it we got more than my money's worth.

 At one point the ceremony called for sweeping around the offerings, perhaps to scare away evil spirits. This was accomplished by one of our accountants Putu to and our Gardner Ketut.
 My wife Azizah poses for a beautiful photo as usual. 

I'm very fortunate guy to have this woman who is not only beautiful but also very intelligent with a Noaris degree and Cum laude Law Degree.

Most important she is very supportive of us taking on a new project at this time in our lives. 
 Near the end we were required to place several offerings in  hole and then place concrete around the offerings. 

Perhaps symbolically laying the foundations which we will begin next week
 AfterAzizah I was next.
 Followed by our elder son Xander
 Who was followed by our younger son Darius.

 Next was one of our key staff Gusti.
 A lovely photo of our family on this property which will be leased out to foreigners for up to 80 years and then finally turned back over to our children or their children who were born and raised in Bali and have Indonesian passports.

Therefore the land will continue to be held by Indonesians hopefully forever.

 Foreigner buyers will come and spend 10 to 20 years here then sell their lease to another foreigner or past them on to their heirs for another 10 to 15 years and so on until the end of their 80 years of leases.
 These foreigners who are fifty five or older will usually contribute heavily to the local economy by hiring staff and usually participating in local charities ect.
 Finally it's time for everyone to pray and be blessed individually with flowers and drops of water plus traditional rice on their fore head.
 Our Assistant Manager Gede appears to be asking for special blessings from the God's for success in this next venture.
 Our brilliant architect Wisnu also seeks blessings from the Gods for success in this venture which he has designed to complement the environment.
 Then the ceremony ended as it started with chants and prayers for a successful venture that everybody benefits from.
 One of our oldest staff Yanthi our sales manager gives a peace sign of approval for the project.

 Shown here is just 10% of our staff of over 100 that over the past 15 years has made PT Bali Affordable Lifestyles International one of the most successful hotel management and real estate developers in Bali.

I want to thank our staff for taking time their busy schedule to come down and help us bless this project today.

Thank you for reviewing our blog on our brand new © Bali Luxury Retirement Villas.

Pretty well everything you need to know about the including location, prices and designs is on our web site

On this web site you will find the following information on Bali Luxury Retirement Villas starting at $194,888 USD (A $278,888)
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Pt. Bali Affordable Lifestyles International (PT. B.A.L.I.) 
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There is already a substantially growing population of baby boomers and retirees taking full-time residence in Bali. 

We have experience in handling over 100 Bali villa transactions over the last 15 years and now believe that this will be the largest, hottest and most profitable demand to hit Bali in decades.

Profit Now Move Later:
You may not be ready to pack up and move to Bali in the next few years.

So, you may purchase now at these ridiculously low prices and we can probably rent them out for you for a monthly income of $2,000 to $2,500 U.S.D. per month. ($2,877 to $3,600 Aus.).

 Our 15-year-old “Hall of Fame award winning management company that manages villas for V.I.P.s such as the former director of General Electric and Ritz Carlton can provide substantial net monthly income to supplement your pension while providing a carefree rental unit.

All you must do is review your monthly statement and block dates for you, your friends and family.


We understand that you may have concerns that we may not have even thought of, so feel free to ask what ever questions you wish.

We do not want you to even think about purchasing our © Bali Luxury Retirement Villas. unless you are 100% convinced that they are safe, and perfect for you and your family.

Limited Offer: Save $10,000

As with any new project we are anxious to sell the first few villas.

We have A1 already on hold and are only willing to offer one other villa at a $10,000 discount. First come first serve.

Free Stay in Luxury Estate:

If you wish to fly over and see the location first after you place a $2,000 USD Deposit we will offer you free accommodations in a 4 bdrm. 5 bth  luxury beach view estate with private 14 m pool for three days within walking distance of the location. When you decide to conclude the purchase, we will extend the free estate accommodation for an additional four days.

Should you decide not to continue with the purchase we will refund your $2,000 Deposit minus $200.00 for the three day stay.

If there is any further information we can provide you please do not hesitate to ask.

 © Bali Luxury Retirement Villas 
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