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How can a foreigner obtain Bali real estate?

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According to PT. Bali Affordable Lifestyles International (PT. B.A.L.I.), doing business as Best Asia Real Estate (B.A.R.E.) the most often asked question about Bali real estate the last 21 years has been “how can a foreigner own Bali real estate?”.

“how can a foreigner own Bali real estate?”

Freehold properties in Bali are the most sought after real estate, offering appreciation plus pride of ownership. The only problem it is totally illegal for foreigners to own Bali real estate!

So how come so many foreigners purport to own Bali land, homes and villas?

Up until 2014 many creative foreigners were willing to utilize a grey area of the law. 
They purchased properties by utilizing an Indonesian Citizen, called nominees.
PT. B.A.L.I.’s Canadian president, Lawrence pointed out hundreds of times during seminars throughout Asia the past 13 years that “nominee agreements are a grey area of the law and should be avoided”.

“Nominee agreements are a grey area of the law and should be avoided”.
Several Legal advisers throughout Indonesia made it sound like Nominee Agreements were totally legal when in fact they were not.
This misinformation led to major new foreign demand for the first time in Bali’s history. 
Prices soared for some properties as much is 3,000% in 15 years after the end of the Suharto regime in 1998, which previously scared off foreign investors.

All that ended in 2014 when an Indonesian Minister announced that all nominee agreements were illegal and that they would seek to cancel them and repossess the land from the foreigners. 
Bali’s Notaries, who are required to transfer any title of freehold land were advised that if they signed new nominee agreements they could lose their license.
Foreigners, with nominee agreements panicked and sold off, causing the first downturn in Bali real estate in modern history. 
PT. B.A.L.I.’s 62-year-old Balinese accountant was once asked is if he had ever seen a downturn in his lifetime and he answered, “never”.
The final nail in the coffin of the Bali real estate downturn was in July 2017 when the government suddenly announced that they would provide tax amnesty to anyone who listed their unrecorded income and paid a 3% tax. 
Now all these foreigner’s nominees that didn’t list their properties could possibly lose them.
According to Lawrence, a 21-year Bali resident who is the Canadian Owner/President of 135 employee strong PT. B.A.L.I., “after a three year down turn the market started to level off with prices down 20% to 50%” He then concluded, “this is the second-best time to buy Bali real estate the century”.
“This is the second-best time to buy Bali real estate the century”.

He pointed out “if you liked Bali beachfront property at a hundred thousand dollars per hundred square metres you will surely like it at 50% off”.
PT. B.A.L.I.’s co-owner, Azizah,a licensed Indonesian Notaris is on top of the latest laws passed down from the government which must be followed by all Notaris transacting Bali real estate. According to her Nothing has changed it is still illegal for foreigners to own real estate, but laws have finally been clarified about the legal length of leases and Hak Pakai’s.

The government announced that leases were legal for foreigners for terms of 30 years +20 years +30 years for a total of 80 years. 

As Lawrence states, “80 years is a long time and you can make a lot of money”. It allows transfer of the owner of the leases several times so several new buyers many can make money during the lease period.
Lawrence cites for example Three Bedroom 550 m2 luxury villas with private swimming pools that can be purchased for as little as $225,000 with remaining leases of 34 years. That’s just a little over $550 per month for 34 years.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that long-term rentals for these units can be had for possibly $2,500 per month, providing a 300% to 400% profit per month over the entire 34-year term.
If you’re more aggressive and use the new online rental services such as AIRBNB, you can make even more. Perhaps 500% to 600% over the term of your investment.
Not to forget while you’re holding onto the property, anytime it is empty, you, your friends and your relatives can use it, therefore saving a bunch on hotel bills.
Lawrence also points out that he has recently been exchanging his villa in Sanur for homes around the world. Last year alone he probably saved over $10,000 in hotel bills for his family of four staying at massive homes in Canada. He has free accommodations in Sydney, Auckland and Queenstown booked soon as well.
Vancouver home exchange for Bali villa 2017
The fact is that prices are down 20% to 50% and that Bali’s demand for real estate will continue to increase exponentially from rising tourists demand. Add new demands from 25% of the world’s population, the baby boomers who are retiring in Bali, and a new demand from tourists from our northern neighbor China who had an increase in tourist arrivals of over 56% last year and you have the perfect supply demand scenario.
If you would like to learn how you too can retire in Bali at more than 50% less than most western countries or earn 10% to 20 % per year profits on Bali investment real estate you may attend free seminars in Bali, Australia and New Zealand in the coming months.

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  • How to avoid complicated real estate laws affecting Indonesians married to foreigners. 
  • Why this is the second-best time to buy this century. 
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