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This Weeks Best Asia Real Estate News & Views - 2018-04-21

Best Asia Real Estate Editors Comments:
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Best Asia Real Estate
Newsletter Edition / 21-Apr-2018
World’s Baby Boomers Selling off and Moving to Bali

Denpasar, April 21, 2018:

According to PT. Bali Affordable Lifestyles International. (PT. B.A.L.I.) manager of PT. Bali Luxury Villas for the past 13 years, increasing numbers of baby boomers are retiring in Bali each year. Fact is that 25% of the world’s population born between 1946 and 1964 that are baby boomers are now retiring. A large portion of those boomers currently living near Bali will want to retire here adding a whole new demand for Bali real estate market for the next five to ten years.

Singapore proposes allowing some Airbnb type rentals but with cap

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore proposed on Monday allowing private home owners to let out their property for short-term rentals but with an annual cap of 90 days a year - part of a consultation process welcomed by rental service Airbnb.

World’s fastest sinking city Jakarta to subside up to 2 meters in less than a decade

Bali news and views editor's comments:
This explains why many Jakartians are now seeking to buy properties in Bali. Reminds me a few years ago when I was getting my door knocked on almost every week from someone from Jakarta. I asked one why there was so much interest from Jakarta and she said for a room or direct here you are greatly "is is is sinking".

Another Magical Sunrise Over Mount Rinjani on Lombok Bali's Neighbor

Yesterday morning I enjoyed a normal walk on the beach in front of Bali Paradise Beach Estates all the way up to the Saba River. I regretted not bringing my Nikon with me because it was the perfect morning with 3,200 mtr. Mount Agung on Bali looking like a perfect postcard. Even more significantly was 3,700 mtr. Mount Rinjani on Bali's neighbour Island, Lombok appearing like it was 10 km away.

Private homes for sale likely to double in 1 to 2 years

Best Asia real estate editor's comments:
I was beginning to wonder whether I should change my forecast for Singapore real estate based on recent buying news. After hearing the fact that home supply will increase almost twice as much. according to a minister from Singapore leads me to believe that Singapore's long real estate downturn will continue and may even decrease exponentially.


Chic Bohemian Style 5 Bedroom Villa in Batu Belig

Asking Price is $499,000/9 years for the remaining lease of 9 years with guaranteed land extension 5-25 years at market price (around USD 1,040 per 100 Sq m)

5 bedroom villa on 2300 Sq m are land with an amazing garden.
Located in Batu Belig in a very quite and safe area. Less than 5 minutes walk to the beach and some of the best restaurants.
The property has been decorated with antiques and artifacts.
Great family home or excellent investment tom run it like a small boutique hotel.

IMB and Pondok Wisata.
Land size is 2300 m2 and building size is 385 m2.

Huge tropical garden with a mixture of tall flowering trees, coconut palms, secret spots, orchids and ponds.
Large pool with 2 Gazebos.
There is a river that runs along one side to the end of the property where it meets another river coming from Canggu. A very special sacred place for the Balinese. View Property Details


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