Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Bali Celebrates it's yearly Day of Silence - Nyepi Saturday March 17th.

Selamat Nyepi to all our Balinese staff, friends, associates and guests.

Every year for the past 21 years Nyepi has been my favorite day of the year in Bali. 

It is a day to simply kick back and relax.


No matter what you do for Nyepi I highly suggest you go out on the East Coast of Bali the morning after Nyepi at 6 AM to enjoy a 1,000% pollution free view of the sun rising over the Badung straits. 

Often you can have 80 km visibility which would include 3,200 m towering Mount Agung Volcano and even higher Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok. You won't regret it is magical.

By the way we still have a few luxury villas and estates available with private swimming pools where you can relax the entire day and watch your DVDs at night with the curtains closed starting as low as hundred aa$128 per night.
Bali Luxury Villas and Estates starting in $128 per night+for Nyepi

Just drop me a line at or call my office 284069 and I can arrange for this extremely low rate for you. 

Nyepi Memo: to all Bali Luxury Villa guests

Dear Valued Guests/Owners/Residents,

The Balinese New Year “Nyepi” Celebration (The Day of Silence), will occur on Saturday. March 17th, 2017: The celebration lasts three days; the days are called Pengerupukan on Friday March 16th, Nyepi on Saturday, and Ngembak Geni on Wednesday Sunday March 18th.

~ Pengerupukan: Friday evening, March 17th.

Earth purification offering. Ceremonies will be held at each village's cross roads. Cross roads are considered magical, dangerous and are favorite haunts of the numerous and bothersome evil spirits collectively known as bhuta - ka which abound in Bali who the Balinese believe cause diseases, accidents.

Ogoh, Ogoh Parade:

A highlight of the evening is the Ogoh-Ogoh parade which starts at around 7:00 - 9.00 PM.
We suggest watching the parade of dozens of ogoh-ogoh’s On Jl. By-Pass at the corner next to McDonalds Restaurant.

Meal Planning: Meal Planning is important as most restaurants will be closed on Tuesday night for the parade.
Our Emerald restaurant will be open until 5 pm. 

We can arrange for an in-villa meal delivered to your villa. 

We can also prepare pre-portioned meals for Wed., the day of silence when you cannot go to any restaurants except Emerald villas.

Please place orders with our restaurant staff by calling 270216 or 284069.

~ Nyepi Day of Silence, Saturday March 17th. 

Saturday morning starting at 6.00 am is the day of Silence.

You will wake up as you would have 100 years ago to the sound of the birds and winds rustling through the coconut trees and the absence of any modern noise such as motorcycles and automobiles. 

 It is a very special sensation and truly a rare experience. TV’s and radios must be kept at a level low enough so that they may not be heard by our Balinese neighbors.

Emerald restaurant will closed on Nyepi so please order pre-prepaired meals by 3pm the day before.

You are welcome to come to the Emerald Restaurant Bar and play some billiards.

That night close the curtains, keep the lights off, and snuggle up to watch a DVD at low volume. Cable television will be blocked by the providers. Internet and Telephone will probaily not be available as decided by the Bali Govt. 

There will not be any maid service until the next day since maids cannot leave their homes.

~ Ngembak Geni: Sunday March 18th. 

The next morning after 6.00 am, is Ngembak Geni and life goes back to normal. The Balinese however will visit their families and relatives to wish them luck and happiness for the coming year. Shops and restaurants are partially open again.

Our President highly suggests a 6.00 am sunrise walk on the beach to view Bali’ 
s offshore Islands with the absence of any man - made pollution. It is truly magical. 

Should you have any questions or problems please do not hesitate to call us at 284069.


For emergences contact your Security guards, Reception at 284069 or Gede at 081337293191.

We hope you enjoy this truly rare experience.

Best Regards, 

Happy Nyepi from the Management. 

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