Sunday, 25 February 2018

US dollar testing major support levels.

In my 2018 Predictions I said "the US dollar would fall significantly in 2018 "
"U.S. dollar will fall: 2018-01-01

One of Bellefontaine’s major predictions for 2018 is that the U.S. dollar, which had started a downturn before Christmas will continue to fall in 2018 against many currencies such as the Euro, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Australian and New Zealand dollars.

This is also bullish for items that benefit from a falling dollar such as commodities, precious metals and Bali real estate which is often priced in American dollars.

He goes on to say that “we may have a scenario like 1980 when overnight surges in oil prices coupled with a great economy led to hyperinflation of over 10%. When prices start to rise for consumer goods people start to adopt the attitude I better buy it now before it goes up. Therefore, huge demand in a short time for consumer goods”.

As you can see by the chart today the U.S. dollar index is now down 5% in just two months and has actually been done more.

Right now it is testing a major support level at 89.693.

If it breaks this support level it may go all the way down and
 and test the support level of a couple weeks ago at 89.552.

I have a gut feeling that both of these support levels will fail and we will resume a major exponential downturn in the US dollar.

This is good news for Bali as many hotels and airfares are priced in U.S. dollars therefore it makes it less expensive for tourists.

As I always say "the more tourists the more real estate buyers".

Another way to profit from this downturn is to buy foreign currencies such as the Canadian, Japanese and South African Rand. I'm also watching closely the British Pound and Euro which may also benefit substantially from the US dollar downturn.

I have invested heavily into Silver at 16:50 price range.

Looks to me the like there might be one last leg of this nine year bull market in the stock market and to take advantage of this I have invested in Amazon, and a few other stocks.

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