Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Falling U.S. dollar Good news for Bali tourism and Bali real estate.

Since Bali hotels, airlines etc. are priced normally in US dollars it is always good news when the U.S. dollar falls because it makes it less expensive for tourists to travel to Bali.

It also makes it less expensive for them to buy real estate that’s priced in US dollars as much of Bali real estate is. Therefore, Bali real estate should see increased demand and thus higher prices soon.

I am very happy to say that my prediction at the beginning of the year that the US dollar would be in a bearish market this year has seen fruition. After a minor bear market rally last week, the US dollar has started on another dramatic downturn.

 I believe this downturn will last for a year two or even for a decade as U.S. the dollar is not worth holding as America continues to go further and further in debt. Almost 1 trillion more since Donald Trump took power.

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