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Property Investment Dominates the Australian 2017 Rich List

Best Asia Real Estate Editor's Comments:

The articles below points out what I always mention in my seminars that there are only six ways to get rich life
  1. Inherit it
  2. Marry it.
  3. Become a professional such as a doctor.
  4. Work extremely hard and smart.
  5.  Become a criminal.
  6. Invest

The one investment that has made made more multimillionaires than any other investment in the past centuries has been real estate.

So no matter whether you have $20,000 to invest or $5 million investing in real estate will probably be your best bet in 2018 and beyond.

I will be running a series of seminars in mid-to-late January to teach those how to invest in real estate based on my 40 years experience as a very successful real estate investor and developer.

Seminars are free. Drop me a line at to find out more information. Cheers.

Victoria, AU - Many individuals spend their lives striving to achieve great wealth. However, those looking to obtain wealth do not often achieve it because it is unclear where to start. According to the Australian Financial Review’s 2017 Rich List provided by The A Team Property Group, those who want to make their financial goals a reality should get involved in property investing.

The A Team Property Group has been guiding individuals through the world of real estate since being officially founded in 2014, assisting ambitious clientele in reaching their financial goals through education, training, and uniquely tailored real estate investing strategies. Founder Sasha Hopkins and his team of property professionals offer expertise advice and guidance to ensure that clients thrive in the world of real estate. Rather than use one specific approach for all clients, mentors and advisors work one-on-one with investors to create specialized strategies that optimize success for each individual. Through the company’s specialized approaches to property investments, clients’ investments can multiply by up to ten times within five years. Ultimately, the company’s goal is to provide their clients with financial confidence and freedom.

Although real estate investing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when people think about careers that bring in hefty fortunes, the 2017 Rich List provided by The A Team Property Group proves otherwise. Those who are sceptical about involving themselves in property investment should take a good look at the 2017 Rich List. Property investors account for the largest percentage group of those on thelist, comprising 58 out of the 200 list-makers. More impressively, five of the top ten on the list are property moguls, each one having earned themselves billionaire status. In addition, several property investors have remained on Australia’s Rich List for decades. Real estate investing may not bring in fast money, but it clearly brings in lasting and consistent money. For those willing to invest their time, patience, and best efforts into real estate, the rewards will greatly pay off in the long-run.

Australia’s 2017 Rich List demonstrates the unbelievable rewards that property investing yields. Property investing is not a fast and easy money-making vice. It takes dedication, smart investing strategies, and time. Most individuals cannot embark into the world of real estate alone and expect the same grand fortune as those on the Rich List, butwith the help of The A Team Property Group, futures investors can expect to reap the generous rewards they deserve.

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Company Name: The A Team Property Group
Contact Person: Sasha Hopkins
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Address:Suite 103, Level 1, 424 Warrigal Road
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