Friday, 1 December 2017

PT. Bali Luxury Villas beats the odds Occupancy up 15 % for Nov an 11% for the year

Although this has been a very stressful week with Mount Agung Volcano closing the airport for three days I received some extremely good news the last 24 hours.

Bali Number 1 Designation:
First Tripadvisor, the number one online service for hotels reported that Bali is the number one destination in the world. 

So after this short term setback I believe Bali will have an excellent 2018 and beyond.
Occupancies up 15%:
Secondly, and even more amazingly is that I just received from my staff occupancy statistics for November and even though many hotels are down as much as 40% in occupancy because of the active volcano, we were able to see a 15% increase in occupancy over last year. 

I'm very proud of my professional staff that includes everybody from the management and sales to the concierges, housekeepers, security, pool men, security, gardeners, etc. 

All of them make up a team that has been so successful that we received the highest accolade from Tripadvisor their Hall of Fame award, which is only presented to 10% of the hotels worldwide.

Equally as an amazing is the fact that since the volcano started to act up in September many hotels occupancy are down to 30 to 40%. 

We are up overall the last few months 16% over last year.

Bali Luxury Villa Owners Very Happy:
This is especially good news for our Bali Luxury Villa Owners  who earn substantial incomes every month from their villas.

At the same time they may enjoy their villas for free. 

They can also exchange their villas l executive homes and villas throughout the world. 

For example in a couple weeks I will be heading off to Canada skiing have two  massive beautiful Canadian homes complete with their automobiles and hot tubs for free. That has saved me thousands of dollars for my family.

If you would like to learn  how you can own a gorgeous villa in Bali for as little as $158,000 and enjoy the our excellent occupancies send me a note or check our website or our website for

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