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Whether you are a buyer, seller, broker, agent, investor, lessor or renter you can benefit from attending one of our two free Real Estate Seminars in Bali and Jakarta next month.

At these seminars PT. B.A.L.I’s Canadian President, Lawrence, a 22 yr. Bali resident, President of 14 yr. old company with 135 staff, married to Azizah, a fully Licenced Notaris will review the most recent real estate laws for Indonesians and Foreigners in detail.

Then they will also provide a full colour audio, visual presentation with many professional charts on the Past, Present, and Future of Bali Real Estate.

Free Seminar Schedules:

(1) Location: Jakarta, Indonesia, Le Meridien Hotel.

Dates & Times:

1. Thursday - Nov. 1st. 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM

2. Saturday - Nov. 3rd. 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Location: Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.Kav. , Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10220 Telepon: (021) 2513131

Limited Seating & Free Parking:

Seating is very limited for these free seminars so please avoid disappointment and make reservations A.S.A.P. Click Here For a Reservation Or Email: or Tel: Office: 62-361- 284069 For Bahasa English 62-8123814014 – Bahasa Indonesia or 62-8123632177

( 2) Location: Sanur, Bali, Emerald Villas,

Dates & Times:

1. Thursday - Nov. 8th. 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM

2. Saturday - Nov. 10th. 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Location: Bali, Emerald Villas, Jl. Karangsari, # 5, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia.

Limited Seating & Free Parking:

Seating is very limited for these free seminars so please avoid disappointment and make reservations A.S.A.P. Click Here For a Reservation Or Email: or Tel: Office: 62-361- 284069 For Bahasa English 62-8123814014 – Bahasa Indonesia or 62-8123632177

    Seminar Topics:

    At these seminars you will learn about:

    • The Past, Present and Future of Bali, Indonesia, Asian and Australian real estate.
    • Why a recent official clarification of foreign ownership laws allows foreigners to totally control Indonesian properties for up to 80 years without leases?
    • How to avoid legal problems and make sure a property is safe.
    • How to avoid complicated real estate laws affecting Indonesians married to foreigners.
    • Why this is the second best time to buy this century.
    • Where are the best locations to buy for maximum profits?
    • What type of properties will offer the best investment potential of *10% to 20 % per year?
    • Discover how you can sell your property fast for the highest prices and lowest commissions on a brand new web site designed after the largest most successful real estate site in America with high tech search features.
    • An opportunity for a free listing on B.A.R.E. First Class Beachfront property at almost 50% discount.
    • A Quality 5,000 m2 Bali Hotel with 12 bungalows, 3 pools and Restaurant for only $588,000.
    • Low cost properties with Luxury Villas starting as low as $158,000 for a three bedroom 650 m² 3 bedroom, 4 bath with private 9 mtr. Pool.
    • Ridiculously low priced ocean view building lots starting as low as $25,000 for 500 m².
    • Brand new Bali Luxury Retirement Villas starting at $208.00 per mth.

      Limited Seating & Free Parking:

      Seating is very limited for these free seminars so please avoid disappointment and make reservations A.S.A.P.

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      Sunday, 19 November 2017

      Family move from south London to tropical paradise of Bali - where they live comfortably on just £1,000 a month

      Editor's comments: I've been saying for last 21 years Bali's not only a tourist destination, but a destination for those who want escape the high cost of living, deadly pollution, exponential increase in crime and horrific traffic in many areas of the world these days.

      Not only did I move here 21 years ago but also moved my 76 yr old  mother who lived like a queen until her passing at eighty seven years old in the same area this family has chosen Sanur on the East Coast of Bali.

      Not only is it expensive, but is very comfortable especially when you have maids, gardeners, pool men, drivers that can be hired for as little as $200 per month.

      This is why I started PT Bali Affordable Lifestyles International 13 years ago. The beauty is you can still purchase a large 550 m2 three-bedroom Villa with pool for $158,000 or rent for  $1500 a month.

      The next wave of individuals to enjoy Bali's low cost of living will be the baby boomers born between 1947 - 1955. They represent 25% of the population of the world and 50% of the cash. 

      When you consider our neighbors to the north China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan fall into this category. 

      Many people will want to leave the negatives of those cities behind and move to beautiful, tranquil, friendly Bali.

      My wife Aziza is a fully licensed Notaris and I plus our 135 staff can help you to move here  temporary or permanently, including everything from visas, work permits, retirement visas and of course low cost affordable housing.

      I highly recommend you attend a series of free seminars I have coming up on Nov. 30 th or Dec. 2nd. and learn everything you need to know about living in Bali form a 21 year Veteran.


      Hannah and Patrick Canavan and their three children in Bali
      For many young London parents, the start of the day involves rushing their children to school after frantically putting breakfast on the table.

      But Hannah and Patrick Canavan’s mornings tend to be more relaxing affairs, involving a trip to the beach or a jump in the pool after they left hectic London for a new life in Bali.

      The family, originally from Croydon, took their children from deepest south London to a new life on the island - where the family are getting by very comfortably on £1,000 a month.

      The family, from Croydon, have started a new life on the paradise island of Bali

      Inspired by a backpacking and volunteering holiday in Thailand ten years ago, Hannah, 28, and Patrick, 31, took the plunge and left their traditional life in Caterham a month ago when they moved to the Indonesian island with their three children Esmae, six, Eira, five and Elfie, two.

      Mr Canavan quit his busy personal trainer job and the family jetted off to Sanur, to begin an open-ended adventure - with the aim of eventually finding a charity they believe in to work for full-time.

      The family were renting in London and left with £5,000 of savings.
      The family eats local food and cooks at home on one small gas hob ring

      Mrs Canavan is supporting the family’s lifestyle abroad by working online as a freelance travel and parenting writer. The couple also run a blog and YouTube channel.

      “Patrick and I knew we wanted to do this for nearly eight years… going away means that we get to spend more quality time together and Patrick gets to spend time with the girls, which is important,” she said.
      The family left the UK and fled the cold weather, rushing around and hectic life in London

      “We left more than a month ago now, on Eira’s fifth birthday on 3rd October, she was really excited.”

      “People think you have to be super rich to do this but it actually costs a lot less to live and explore here than it does just to live in London,” she added.
      The family dreamed of their big move across the world for eight years

      “Our rent here in Bali costs £300 per month and the house has a swimming pool and is five minutes from the beach.

      "We will have lived for £1000 for the whole month, by eating local food and cooking at home on our one small gas hob ring.

      “Lots of people could do this, but they don’t realise.” 
      Patrick Canavan with daughters Esmae, 6, Eira, 5, and Elfie, 2

      An average day sees Mr Canavan take the three girls to the beach in the morning while his wife writes, before all spend the afternoon together relaxing or volunteering at charities.

      “We have always lived a calm lifestyle, but now we take things really slowly,” Mrs Canavan said.

      The couple already home-schooled their children and believe travel is a better education than what was on offer in London.

      The family, who are also accompanied by Mrs Canavan’s mother Jayne Davies, 55, who “came along for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” after retiring, are not sure they will ever return to the capital.

      They intend to spend a few more weeks in Bali before spending two months in Thailand and time in Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

      Mrs Canavan said: “We will re-group in a year and see where we are at.

      “We will miss the people, but we don’t miss anything else about London. We don’t miss rushing around and the hectic lifestyle and the keeping up with the Joneses aspect of life, or the house cleaning - or the weather.”

      She added: “We are not special - if we can do this, lots of people can.”

      Follow the family here

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