Thursday, 12 November 2020

“Best Bali Real Estate” launched to cash in on Covid 19 discounted properties

 Hello Friends and Relatives from around the world.

Lawrence at his head office in Sanur

You may ask why someone at my age and comfort level is starting a new Facebook Page, Blog and Website called “Best Bali Real Estate” in the middle of the worst pandemic in over 100 years?

The answer is quite simple. Although my body is getting older my mind is still bright, active, and bored stiff, especially with this virus and my boys home schooling.

More importantly throughout my life, especially in the last 22 years in Bali, I have always become extremely active when I believe it Is the best time for my clients to buy. As I was say, “It is easy to sell if your heart believes it's great for your buyer”.

“It is easy to sell if your heart believes it's great for your buyer”.

For example the first property in Bali I sold 17 years ago to an American couple who bought a beachfront property from me up the coast from where I now live for an unbelievable price of $1,000 per hundred square metres. The property is now $20,000 to $30,000 per 100m². A phenomenal increase.

At the time it was the first time I recommended Bali real estate after the former dictator resigned.

I stated in my weekly Bali Sun Newspaper column at the time that “Bali is Hawaii 30 years ago” and those that bought then made fortunes.

“Bali is Hawaii 30 years ago”

Unfortunately, the corona virus pandemic has caused many households in Bali to use all their cash as they have had little or no income for the past 10 months.

Therefore the only way to survive for many families is to sell or lease their properties.

Properties are now available 20% to 50% below the price they were selling at the beginning of this year.

By assisting our clients to purchase these properties at these ridiculously low prices we will not only improve their financial security in the future but also assist those who are selling now.

Please understand many of these properties have gone up hundreds of percent in the last 20 years so when they give up a little bit of that profit they still come out ahead

Therefore, I have set up a new division of our award winning 16-Year-old PT. Bali Affordable Lifestyles international named “Best Bali Real Estate”.

If you have some cash available right now you can purchase at what may be the best time in decades.

 I suggest you start your search at our  special section of our website called “Bali Distressed Properties

If you are reading this you are the first persons to be made aware about our new division “Best Bali Real Estate”. which will provide you the best properties at the best prices with the best services and best profits in the near future.

Stay tuned to this Facebook page and linked blog which will be produced in a couple days.

They will feature the latest super discounted properties that I discovered and offer to you.

Remember also that that Azizah my wife is not only my partner in the business, but she is a fully qualified licensed Notaris.

 She will offer you are a free one-hour consultation regarding your existing properties or ones you are considering purchase. Please call her direct at +62 811-3864-993

You may contact me direct at +62 811-3864-993 or Email me at

Finally if you have properties for lease or sale selling at discounted prices we can assist you in selling them contact my sale manager Yanthi who will arrange to meet you and list your property.

She can be reached at +62 815-5890-0389 or

All of us are looking forward to assisting you in achieving financial success through prudent real estate investments in the near future.

Cheers, Lawrence

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