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Is it a good idea to close down the world stock markets.

Good Morning from Bali, Indonesia.
Lawrence, Editor of Bali + World News & Views -1,600,000 Pageviews.
He is a 22 year resident of Bali & Owner + General Manager of a TripAdvisor Hall of Fame award-winning hotel with thousands of satisfied guests. He is also a seasoned worldwide traveler.

Should the world stock markets close down during this coronavirus crisis?

The question came to my mind this morning as I watched the markets once again plummet and I was enjoying my morning walk on the beach where everything all of a sudden clears up in my mind.

I don't have any positions in stocks but I do have precious metals that surprisingly have plummeted along with everything else.

Virtually nothing is immune from this coronavirus selloff even oil prices selling below $30 per barrel.

So not only do people around the world, especially baby boomers, have to worry about dying from this once-in-a-lifetime disease they also have to worry about their life savings dwindling away to nothing in there pension plans and IRAs.

The bottom line is this China took only two months to stop having new cases of coronavirus. 

So there's a good chance with the rest the world a little bit better prepared than China that we may be able to stop this whole thing from rising in as little as 5 to 6 weeks.

Does it make sense for stocks to lose 70% to 80% of their value because of a 5 to 6-week slowdown in business worldwide? I don't think so. 

I'm watching news of airlines close to bankruptcy. If airlines go bankrupt many banks, hotels and restaurants will go bankrupt as well.

If I was The New York Stock Exchange I* would stop all trading immediately. They are putting a lot of stock exchange employees at risk of contracting and dying from coronavirus.

Holders of stocks and commodities around the world have enough to fear with coronavirus. They don't need to worry about their daily net worth dropping significantly. This can add stress and depreciate their immune systems.

I wouldn't be surprised to see some people jumping off buildings soon.

Just in case any of you are wondering if I'm one of those that may jump the answer I am very happy sitting this whole thing out in my beachfront residence where I can walk on the beach with nobody around.
I play tennis yesterday and I will play tennis again today since it is not a contact sport and it is very healthy.

I might even have a massage in my office later on. 

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I am watching the silver market very closely. Silver selling at $11 an ounce is absolutely ridiculous. I've been a precious metals trader for over 30 years I know what it cost to produce silver and it is significantly more.

If I see any hints of the stock market about to close I will be buying all the silver I can get my hands on.

Meantime if you have any influence at all with your government officials ask them to put a complete halt on the stock market until coronavirus has leveled off as far as new cases and major countries around the world.

You will be doing yourself your friends your relatives and the entire world big favor.

Stock Market Closure Is Unlikely, Important To Remain Open, NYSE Says

Halah TouryalaiForbes Staff
Wealth Management

Cities and states are locking down as the spread of the novel coronavirus continues. Retail shops, restaurants and schools across the country have slowly started closing their doors but so far, the U.S. stock market has remained open. How long will that last?


According to New York Stock Exchange president, Stacy Cunningham, a shut down is not likely. “Closing the markets would not change the underlying causes of the market decline, would remove transparency into investor sentiment, and reduce investors’ access to their money,” she said in a statement. “This would only further compound the current market anxiety.”

That market anxiety has come in the form of massive equity declines over the last few weeks that have triggered four circuit breakers. The S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial are down roughly 30% from their previous record highs, and many top economists say the country is facing a recession. Meanwhile, the Fed has played its hand by reducing rates to near zero and announcing a massive $700 billion quantitative easing program.

Of course, much of today’s trading is electronic and in the event of an emergency it’s likely the markets would function close to normal. The NYSE says it’s “important for the markets to remain open, and for them to function in a fair and orderly manner.” The company says certain employees based in the 11 Wall Street building who are not required to support floor trading or a limited number of building activities, will work from home. By chance the exchange floor is forced to close then NYSE would operate on a fully electronic basis according to the Exchange’s business continuity plans “which permit Designated Market Makers to operate algorithmically and can facilitate new issues coming to market, but do not support Floor Broker order types such as D-orders.”

The last time the New York Stock Exchange shut down was in 2012 amid the impact from Hurricane Sandy. There have been plenty of other unexpected market shut downs as well dating back to the 1914 when World War I began and the NYSE closed for three months. Other historical moments that triggered a stock market shut down: World War II, a railroad strike, a hurricane and a presidential assassination.

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Good Morning from Bali, Indonesia.
Lawrence, Editor of Bali + World News & Views -1,600,000 Pageviews.
He is a 22 year resident of Bali & Owner + General Manager of a TripAdvisor Hall of Fame award-winning hotel with thousands of satisfied guests. He is also a seasoned worldwide traveler.
The bad news is that with all the new cases of COVID-19 in places such as Korea, Iran, Italy, France, and now the United States coronavirus cases worldwide are increasing exponentially. 
As of last night according to the World Health Organization, there were 12,804 new cases bringing the world total to 182,368, an 8%. increase over the day before. 
There have been 7,144 deaths or 3.92% of all reported cases. 
 So roughly four out of every hundred people that are infected by the virus die of it. Most Have pre-existing health problems such as diabetes, cancer, lung disease. The majority are over the age of 49.

Indonesia Covid - 19 Cases, Deaths, % Change

In Indonesia, the fourth largest country in the world we have only 134 cases with five deaths reported by the W.H.O as of last night.

This is significantly less than other major populations throughout the world.

It is important to understand that in a country with the fourth-largest population in the world with over 70,000 islands it is difficult to gather information as quickly as Western countries. Therefore these numbers may increase significantly the future.

On a positive note, Indonesia has enforced very strict actions the last few days including closing schools nationwide restricting air travel and asking government employees to work out of their home.

Another factor is the seasonality of the normal flu. Since Covid-19 is a flu we must understand that all flu comes during the colder winter weather in the Northern Hemisphere.

One of the reasons that Indonesia has so few cases up to this point maybe because of the higher temperatures that we endure year-round here. 

There is a theory that coronavirus cannot live above 27° on surfaces.

This does not mean that somebody cannot catch it abroad and bring into the country but when it gets here it could mean that it's very difficult to spread it because it dies on surfaces quickly with high temperature and high humidity.

This chart proves that most of the Covid-19 cases in the world are in the latitudes above 30°.
Here in Bali, Indonesia, at  8° latitude we are preparing to hunker down for a one to two months increase in cases, which is inevitable. 
Seasonal Disease:

Many doctors including CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta have confirmed that that coronavirus is seasonal and does not like high temperatures above 27 Degree Centigrade.
Perhaps this is why Bali, which is in close proximity to China and had many Chinese tourists during the Chinese new year back in February has no confirmed cases as of this point.
After doing the above odds I have just been confirmed to myself that I will not be canceling our family trip around the world in June.
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Maybe only One to Two Months Before New Cases Peak In Bali.

I predict only one to two months of increasing cases because China has seen in less than two months the number of new cases peak as can be seen in the chart below based on yesterday's statistics.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself:
America  Pres. Franklin D Roosevelt who served 12 years as president through the Great Depression and world war two said famously "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself".

My saying is "Ignorance creates fear, Eliminate the ignorance and you Eliminate the fear". Ignorance is defined as a lack of knowledge.

So educate yourself on how to prevent your self and your family from becoming a victim of coronavirus.

Stay safe and have a good week.
 "Thanks for that Lawrence Bmb I don't think I could have carried on without that info".John W.

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Previously, Indonesian authorities announced that eight patients recovered, while five people died of the coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19.

As confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) increase in Indonesia, the West Java administration has moved to proactively test ...

The advisory is part of the provincial administration's effort to curb the spread of coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19), which has dealt a blow to tourism ...

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"At this point, there's reason to have hope."

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