Sunday, 4 October 2020

Korean buyers pursue overseas acquisitions despite pandemic related disruptions - CBRE

Korean buyers are continuing to pursue opportunities abroad as they retain a long-term strategic focus on global real estate investment, according to CBRE Korea’s COVID-19 and Outbound Investment Viewpoint report.

Depositphotos Seoul, Korea.

Domestic institutional investor demand for overseas real estate investment among Korean buyers is expected to remain robust despite the impact of COVID-19 due to "intense" competition in the Korean commercial real estate market and regulatory uncertainty, CBRE says.

Data from the firm indicates Korean outbound real estate investment volume for H1 2020 totalled USD 2.5 billion, a decline of more than 50 per cent compared to the same period last year.

But CBRE Korea Research Director Claire Choi said Korean outbound investors were expected to recalibrate their strategies as they seek to adjust to the new normal.

At a glance: 

New data from CBRE Korea indicates Korean outbound real estate investment volume for H1 2020 totalled USD 2.5 billion, a decline of more than 50 per cent compared to the same period last year.

CBRE expects investment in non-core regions as well as major core markets to broaden as buyers aim to discover new investment destinations offering higher returns. 

Potential investments in major developed European markets such as France, Germany and the UK, along with key regions in Spain and Northern and Eastern Europe, are now being evaluated by Korean investors.

“Korean buyers are not only purchasing stable office assets but also purchasing overseas opportunities in the logistics sector," he said.

"Data centres and multifamily properties are likely to be the subject of stronger interest from Korean outbound investors, which are relatively resilient to economic volatility.

"On the other hand, weaker private consumption and a near-total shutdown of global tourism have led to elevated risk associated with hotel and retail property investments.”

Korean outbound investment by region and asset type.

In terms of investment destinations, as competition among domestic institutional investors intensifies in Europe, CBRE expects investment in non-core regions as well as major core markets to broaden as buyers aim to discover new investment destinations offering higher returns.

Potential investments in major developed European markets such as France, Germany and the UK, along with key regions in Spain and Northern and Eastern Europe, are now being evaluated by Korean investors.

CBRE Korea Managing Director Don Lim said Korean investors were also conducting investment reviews in the U.S. and searching for investment opportunities in Asia.

"In the long run, the search by Korean investors for investment opportunities in Asia is expected to broaden as buyers seek relatively more attractive opportunities closer to home owing to intense competition and high asset values in Europe and the US," he said.

Impact of COVID-19 on Korean outbound investment.

"Individual investors are also interested in investing in overseas real estate, and they can more readily access opportunities via investing into public funds.

"In addition, overseas property-backed REITs offer reasonable growth potential in the long-term, with further K-REITs of this type expected to be listed on the stock market once an economic recovery is underway."

Click here to view the full report.

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Bali News - This Is The Route for the New Toll Road to be completed in 2022.

 NEWS - Muhammad Choirul Anwar, CNBC Indonesia Wednesday,

September 30, 2020 4:42 PM

Photo: Photo: Doc. Jasamarga Bali Toll Road

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - The Gilimanuk-Mengwi Toll Road project will be the second toll road after the Bali Mandala Toll Road in Bali Province. 

Toll road across 3 districts in Bali will operate gradually from the end of 2022.

Member of toll road regulatory agency (BPJT) academic Eka Pria Anas explained that this toll road will cover 3 districts in Bali Province namely Jembrana Regency, Tabanan Regency and Badung Regency.

"The trase or route of gilimanuk-mengwi toll road starts from the inter-island ferry port at Gilimanuk Port and travels south of Bali to Denpasar. It's around Mengwi," he said in market sounding project KPBU, Wednesday (9/30/20).

Ukip's Nigel Farage says he's 'not going to vote for Jeremy Corbyn'
2022 Bali Targeted Already Has A New Toll, Motor May Enter

This toll road will be built to accommodate vehicles from West to East and vice versa, as well as an alternative route from Gilimanuk Port towards the capital of Bali Province, Denpasar. 

This toll road is also prepared to anticipate the volume of traffic with the connected strategic development areas.

The project also looked at RTRW Bali 2009-2029. As for accessibility routes to and from tourist areas, it is currently being developed by the Bali Provincial Government.

With a total length of 95.51 Km, the toll has a shoulder width of 1.5 m and an outer shoulder width of 3.0 m. The length of the motor lane is 41.3 Km.

The highway is divided into three sections. 

Section 1:

Section 1 with a length of 54 km connects Gilimanuk and Pekutatan. 

Section 2 with a length of 23.6 km connecting Pekutatan and Soka and finally Section 3 along 21.8 km connecting Soka and Mengwi.

As for the construction built in his stage. 

The first starts of Section 2 and 3 are targeted to start in 2021. 

Then, if the construction of both sections is completed in 2022, then the government immediately resumes construction of Section 4 and is targeted to operate starting in 2024.

"If indeed ppjt signature (Toll Road Business Agreement) can be implemented in June 2021 then construction (started) third quarter or IV-2021 and the next year and a half can already operate section 2 and 3, and the next operation in 2024 for section 1," said Eka Pria Anas.

Note This Diagram is the current route from Denpasar to Gilimanuk .


Note This Diagram is a very huge guess at where final toll road will run.

As one who has travelled dozens of times on this road, especially on my many ventures to Java over the last 23 years I can tell you it is one of the slowest and most dangerous roads in the world right now.

I can guarantee you many lives will be saved once this toll road is complete.

I can also assume that properties along the way, especially Beachfront & Beachview properties more than an 1 1/2 to 2 hours from Denpasar will increase in value dramatically.

I am very bullish on the surfing village of Balian which is one the most beautiful places in Bali.

400 % to 1,900 % Increases

To give an example of how of how much property values can increase in the coming four to five years I am reminded of the new four lane road road that runs up the east coast of Bali from northern Sanur and ends at close to Padang Bai, the Eastern Bali ferry terminal.

I began scoping out properties 21 years ago while the road was under construction.

 The first property I sold to a client was 10 only Million Rupiah Per hundred square metres. It is now at least 200 million per hundred square metres. A whopping 1,900 % Increase

Beachfront properties sold closer to Sanur for as little as 40 million per hundred square metres are now selling for 500 million per hundred square metres. An 1,150 % increase

Buy on the Rumour Sell on the Fact.

There is a famous saying in the investment market that took me years of trial and error experiences to learn before I successfully invested in commodities and stocks.

The saying is "Buy on the rumour and sell on the fact."

What that means is by the time you hear on CNN that something is a good investment such as gold it's probably too late.

You have to buy when solid, reliable research indicates there's going to be a major change in demand or supply that will affect gold prices.

The same thing is true of real estate. This rumoured road for many years now appears to finally becoming a reality such as the toll road that runs from Denpasar to the airport and Nusa Dua.

Properties still available for only IDR 30 million ($2,000) per hundred square metres.

The beautiful thing about buying on the rumour of this new toll road is properties along it's route are selling at ridiculous low prices.

For example you can buy this 7,700 m² property with beach view of fabulous Bali on beach only an eight minute drive away for as little as IDR 30 million per hundred square metres.


This gorgeous Bali distress priced real estate features Bali beach View land Located only 2.2 km, or approximately eight minutes from one of Bali’s most famous beaches, BALIAN.

It is only a one-hour drive from the busy Seminyak area.

Although it has plenty of restaurants and hotels to cater to your desire for great cuisine with fantastic sunset views it still maintain its Village ambiance. 

It has some of the best surf in the world.

This 7700 m² (1.92 acre) Bali property is perfect for development of luxurious villas or residential homes. It could also be a great long-term investment for land banking. 

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Coronavirus shakes up Tokyo's commercial property market

Coworking offices increase but restaurants pushed out of business
Office vacancy rates in central Tokyo are rising due to the pandemic.

KENJI ASADA, YOSHIHIRO HARA and ANNA NISHINO, Nikkei staff writersAugust 16, 2020 02:02 JST

TOKYO -- The coronavirus pandemic is transforming Tokyo's property lease market.

In Shibuya ward, at the center of Japan's capital, the amount of vacant restaurant properties has doubled over the course of the outbreak.

Meanwhile, tenants for coworking offices are increasing, as people increasingly work outside their company headquarters.

Tokyo has developed on the premise of its huge commuting population, but the pandemic is gradually altering its property market.

Bagus, an operator of darts bars, started to collaborate in July with coworking office company iioffice. Bagus repurposed two of its darts bars so customers can work from there in shared office space.

Many companies are asking employees to work at home. But houses in Tokyo are often not big enough. While many people have found themselves working in their bedrooms or kitchens, some are heading instead to coworking spaces. Tetsuya Watanabe, an executive at Bagus, said: "Since April, most of our darts bars were not making a profit. We can pay some of our rent by earning revenues from shared offices."

Hiroshi Ryuzaki, president of iioffice, said: "There is demand from owners who have vacant properties and office workers who want to work outside the home." The company plans to open 70 new coworking spaces in the next three months.

According to Synchro Food, a company that operates a website for restaurant spaces for lease, there were 147 properties that became newly available for lease in June in Shibuya, twice the amount in the same month last year. Shinjuku ward and Minato ward, which is also in the center of Tokyo, both saw a 50% year-on-year increase in available restaurant space. A similar trend has emerged in July and August.

It is not only restaurants but also traditional office properties that are struggling to find new tenants.

The data from Sanko Estate, a real estate company, shows the average office vacancy rate in the five wards in central Tokyo was 1.2% in July, higher than the 0.9% recorded in December. In Shibuya, where many IT startups rent offices, the rate was 1.9% -- higher than the average for central Tokyo.

According to S&P Global, the market capitalization of Real Estate Investment Trusts that invest in commercial properties saw more than 40% decrease compared with the end of last year. This was a larger fall compared with the total REIT market, which includes residential property.

While some sectors are seeing a negative effect from the change, new businesses are also emerging.

Tempo Innovation, a company that leases properties in the food service industry, said that between April and May, a number of food delivery companies have leased outlets that used to be restaurants. Yohei Shimura, an executive at Tempo, added: "If the pandemic continues, we can expect more demand from food delivery services to rent spaces."

In the 1990s, when a financial crisis hit Tokyo, a number of life insurance companies who had headquarters around Shibuya went bankrupt. Due to this, vacancy rates surged and rents declined.

However, in the past decade or so, IT startups have made bases in Shibuya, which offered lower and affordable rents. As a result, Shibuya is now seen as the epicenter of the growing high-tech industry in Japan.

Some expect that the coronavirus will cause the city to transform again. Keigo Fukushima, who works at Tokyu Corporation, a property developer in Shibuya, said: "How cities nurture innovation and culture is more important than office vacancy rates."

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Bali real estate expert makes uncanny, accurate predictions 

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Bali Luxury Retirement Villas

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These brand-new luxury retirement villas are located only 200 m or a three minute walk from one of the best beaches on the east coast of Bali.
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Features of © Bali Luxury Retirement Villas as low as * $184,888.

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• Brand-new hospital within five minutes.
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• Walking distance to affordable restaurants and beach clubs
• Shared low costs of pool man and gardeners.
• Minuscule monthly common area fees.
• Managed by 15-year-old, Hall of Fame award-winning management company.
• *Price of the least expensive villa in U.S.D. after $10,000 Discount for the first two villas only. Subject to change without notice.
Developed and managed by 14-year-old Hall of Fame award-winning Bali company.
Our 15-year-old Bali company Pt. Bali Affordable Lifestyles International (PT. B.A.L.I.) with over 100 + staff and thousands of satisfied clients guarantee completion of any villas purchased now in 2020.
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These villas offer you an opportunity to own a luxury home on arguably the Best Island in the world with some of the greatest weather, lowest cost of living, clean air, and friendliest people.

Profit Now Move in Later:
You may not be ready to pack up and move to Bali in the next few years.

So, you may purchase now at these ridiculously low prices and we can normally rent them out for you for a monthly income of $1,500 to $2,000 U.S.D. per month.
Our 15-year-old “Hall of Fame” the award-winning management company that manages villas for V.I.P.s such as the former director of General Electric and Ritz Carlton can provide substantial net monthly income to supplement your pension while providing a carefree rental unit.

Confused? We understand that you may have concerns that we may not have even thought of, so feel free to ask whatever questions you wish.

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Live your dream and wake up to the sound of crashing waves and an amazing view of the sun rising over the Channel Islands.

The stunning 3,200 MTR. Mt. Agung, Volcanic Mountain will reach out and touch you most mornings.

It Is located on a Beach named by the locals as Pantai Purnama which mean Full Mean Beach.

If you book during a full moon you will understand why.
This estate is ideally located only 15 minutes from Sanur and 25 minutes from Ubud, two of Bali's top five resort areas. 

The view from this estate 

Enjoy your own private walkway to the beach. Magical walks on the remote beach which runs for 30 km and the sound of exotic birds will make you never want to leave.

Built by Award Winning Bali Developer:

This luxurious estate was built a few years ago by one of Bali's leading luxury Villa developers. 
He spared no cost and installed solid marble flooring, kitchen tops, and bathroom fixtures.
A key feature of the estate is a 14 meter, 45 ft. private swimming pool which has several areas for children. This will keep you in shape and healthy during this difficult time plus provide hours of pleasure for you and your family. A Gardener and Pool Man is included.
First-class furniture, beds, and bathroom fixtures can be enjoyed throughout.

A two-person Jacuzzi tub compliments the huge master bedroom. 

Guest access: 
Guests can freely walk about the almost 1 Hectare complex which includes private access to the beach.

Other things to note:

Whether you rent one bedroom or four bedrooms you will have private use of the entire four-bedroom estate including a private 14 m swimming pool. 

100% Privacy:

The ground floor with the pool and the gardens are completely enclosed by a high wall which gives you 100% privacy and security.

There is only one other estate in this complex at this time.
Beautiful Saba River Only five minutes walk.
Best of all the only other Estate in the complex is owned by the owners of this rental estate Aziah and Lawrence.

Lawrence is an experienced 17-year Bali hotel manager and his wife is an Indonesian Notaris.

Lawrence is a Superhost on Airbnb. Superhosts are experienced, highly rated hosts who are committed to providing great stays for guests. They also have the Hall of Fame award from Tripadvisor.

The Owners Lawrence and Notaris/Spouse Azizah at their home at Bali Paradise Beach Estates

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Korean buyers pursue overseas acquisitions despite pandemic related disruptions - CBRE

Korean buyers are continuing to pursue opportunities abroad as they retain a long-term strategic focus on global real estate investment, acc...