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Save $100,000 U.S.D. on Marbled Luxury Bali Estate In Beachfront Complex

$100,000 U.S.D. DISCOUNT:
Believe it or not this huge 450 m² (5,000 square-foot +) first-class Bali Estate in a magnificent beachfront complex is now available for $100,000 less.
For the first time ever the price of this estate has been brought down from $588,888 U.S.D. to only $488,800 U.S.D. for a quick sale by the owner who needs funds for another major development.
This property may be purchased freehold directly from the owner as freehold property or the owner can provide a series of legal leases totaling 80 years for foreign buyers.
It is located in Paradise Beach Estates on Pantai Purnama Beach. Click Video  Below
PREMIER BEACH RESORT:                                         

You will wake up to the sound of crashing waves, a magical view of the sun rising over the Channel Islands and the stunning 3,200 MTR. (10,000 ft.) Mt. Agung, Volcanic Mountain from your own © Bali Paradise Beachfront Estate. 

Paradise Beach Estates is only seven kilometers (3.5 Miles) or a 15 to 20 min drive from one of Bali’s largest tourist areas, Sanur.

The main city of Denpasar with thousands of shops and restaurants, movie theatres etc. is a mere 15 to 20 minutes as well as is the attractive hillside resort of Ubud.

A new toll road allows for a brisk drive to the brand-new Award winning Bali International Airport in as little as 30 -45 minutes.
One of Bali’s largest tourist attractions the Bali Safari and Marine Park with its 40 hectares of unique animals, massive amphitheater and unique dining with the lion’s restaurant is only 10 minutes away.
Surfing beaches and the brand new Komune Beach Club and restaurant are only 1-8 minutes away. 
The brand Royal Purnama Hotel & spa plus it's famous Standing Stones Restaurant is only 200 meters or a 5 min. walk. 
This Estate has a green theme with features such as capturing and utilizing greywater for watering of plants. Low wattage lighting is used throughout most of the estate and common areas which consume up to 90% less energy.
Common Area
Environmentally friendly toilets and hot water systems not only leave a small carbon footprint but also reduce operational costs substantially.

The Canadian owner/ developer utilized all the experience and knowledge he gained from building 55 © Bali Luxury Villas over 15 years to design and construct this magnificent estate.

His 14-Year-old company earned TripAdvisor’s certificate of excellence award for the past 10 and most recently they received TripAdvisor’s highest award their Hall of Fame award awarded to only 2 % of the Hotels and Villas in the world.LUXURIOUS ESTATE:
Magical Sunrise over Badung Straits
A3 is a 4.5 Bedroom 5.5 Bathroom of  350 m2 (3,767 Sq. Ft.) under roof on over 450 M2 (Almost 5,000 Sq. Ft.) of land with stunning ocean, Volcano, river and rice paddy
Saba River close by
It has a Mediterranean look on the outside. It has a sky-blue exterior color to complement our dark blue top of the line M-Class Baked Enamel roof tiles which are guaranteed for 30 years.
First impressions from most who visit is that it is very attractive and classy.
Perhaps one of the best exercises for baby boomers is swimming laps.
There is nothing more frustrating than trying to swim in small pools, so we installed a super long 14 meter. (45 ft.) Pool.

14 Mtr ( 42 Ft ) Private Pool

We have learned over the last 10 years of managing © Bali Luxury Villas that many parents request pools that are child-safe (that does not interfere with the 14 meter. lap section) in the pool.

Stunning Entrance:
We took a lot of time in choosing the front entrance decoration because of we realized that it's the first thing that you see and highlights the estate.

The driveways and pathways, which allow you to take your bags out of your car and easily manipulate through the front door, are curved.
Luxurious Marble Interior:

The quality of the interior of this estate is unbelievable as it has marble floors, and countertops.
This type of construction is unheard of and vastly too expensive now and therefore is only normally available in presidential palaces and homes of multi-multi millionaires.

These marble floors, washrooms and cabinet tops will literally last for a very long time outlasting normal materials by 4 to 10 times longer.
 The dining area has a full-size solid teak table which seats eight.

Most of the windows and doors are high quality brushed aluminum which are more expensive than wood.
In the long term, they will be less expensive to maintain on a beachside estate.

The sliding doors next to the dining area fold completely, accordion-style, so that when you are having a large party of 50 to 100 people it's as if the whole dining, living, and lanai are one.
With delightful ocean breezes, you will open them quite often.
The living room is curved as opposed to square corners and has a substantial amount of recessed lighting including three lights with just one switch right over the couch, area to have direct reading lights. Sit in one of your recliner chairs and relax.
The kitchen has a huge gas stove, which any cook will tell you is the best way to cook for maximum control over temperature as well as a range hood which is rare in Bali.
Behind the back of the kitchen, door is an area for washing which currently has a quality washer next to the maids quarters.
Separate Maids quarters and Washroom, Shower:
The maid may enter and exit directly from the garage affording maximum privacy. She has her own bedroom, bathroom, and shower.

Full-Time Maid only $200 U.S.D. per Mth.
One of the fabulous things about Bali is having a part-time or full-time live-in maid. She wakes in the morning and makes breakfast, cleans the rooms, and makes dinner. All for less than $200.00 per month.
Ladies if you have ever dreamt of not doing any housekeeping Bali is the place for you.

Extra Storage:
The ground floor also features a guest bathroom and a huge storage unit under the stairway, which is lit. The light can be seen through glass slits under the stairs leading up to the second floor.

Handicap Friendly:
With the baby boom generation, born between 1947 to 1955, which represents 25% or more of the population of the world now we're finding more and more renters are requesting handicap friendly accommodations. 
Therefore, we designed a ground floor bedroom so that a wheelchair can be wheeled directly from the driveway into the bedroom, and throughout the dining, living, lanai and pool areas. It also features a large bathroom, shower and sink.

Fabulous Second Floor:

As you head up the marble stairs to the second floor, you will notice that the marble trim is curved to give it an exotic feeling.
At the top of the landing, you proceed right into the large guest bedroom, which is almost as large as the master bedroom.
It has two large walk-in closets and a massive bathroom with full-size tub, an outside view, double sink, and shower.
Your balcony doors open onto a huge balcony capable of handling upwards to 8 -10 people or simply two of you watching a romantic sunrise.
On the left side of the stair landing is a slightly smaller bedroom, which may be used as an office with an on-suite bathroom and shower. 

Lovely Master Bedroom:
Directly ahead is perhaps the most important feature of this estate, the master bedroom.

As you enter, a huge bathroom is on your left with a large Jacuzzi tub adequate for two western adults.
Finally, you enter the master bedroom with its recessed ceiling, abundant recessed lighting and substantial windows.
To the west, you see lush green farmland.
To the north, you will is often wake up to a postcard quality view of a towering volcano 3,200 Meter. Mount Agung. 
It has its own large balcony with unrestricted ocean views. At dawn, you can watch the sun slowly rise over the Badung Straits. 

From the very beginning, these estates have been designed to achieve maximum rental income and appreciation.

In the sincere opinion of the President of our company who has been labeled as one of “The pioneers of Bali Villa Investments”, a 22 yr. a resident of Bali “the owners of these estates will enjoy perhaps one of the highest returns in capital appreciation and rental incomes of all current Bali properties available for sale”. 

Home Exchanges:

Save tens of thousands of dollars per year in hotel and automobile rental costs:
One of the great things about Bali is that once you own a home here you will have no problem exchanging it with other locations practically any place in the world.

Luxury Apartament in NZ
The current owner has been very successful with exchanging this estate with multimillion-dollar homes throughout the world including this one in Canada which usually rents for $8,000 per week close to a major ski resort.
$3,000,000 Estate in Auckland

Estate in Auckland with private Swimming pool and tennis court

Multi million dollar home exchange in Canada

A $1,800,000 apartment in downtown Sydney and this magnificent massive home with private tennis court and swimming pool in the suburbs of Auckland were exchanging last year.

Most of the time an automobile is included and often includes a Mercedes or BMW.
This feature alone will add tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom-line net return on this home in the future.

These estates already have a “Hotel Melati” Permit so that they may be legally rented to tourists. They are managed by our company, PT. Bali Affordable Lifestyles International and PT. Bali Luxury Villas who already successfully manage almost 50 huge villas in Sanur, a few minutes away.
Last year they averaged over 77 % average occupancy.
Yearly net returns of 15 % to 30% per annum are not uncommon on our previous developments.

Act now to avoid disappointment:

Only one estate available:
As mentioned above there is only one estate available at this low price, selling at $100,000 below market value.
It is being sold at this ridiculously low price of only $488,000 to provide funding for a major new development of Bali Luxury Retirement Villas just up the beach from Bali Paradise Beach Estates.
Once the funding is secured for this new project this price will no longer be valid. So, it’s first-come, first-serve. 

Act Now save $100,000
Act now to ask for more information or inspection of low-priced first-class estate in a beachfront complex.
Contact us direct at WhatsApp or telephone 62 – 812-381-4014 or reply to

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