Monday, 12 August 2019

Hong Kong International Airport may be open this morning.

According to the Hong Kong international airport, official website flights are resuming this morning after being closed for most of yesterday due to thousands of protesters occupying the arrival halls.

This is good news for Hong Kong citizens who have endured over two months of horrific protests leading up to massing of troops in the Chinese border ready to come in and daily life getting out of hand.

Protests may cost Hong Kong bubble to burst.

I've been saying in my seminars, newsletters blogs etc. for the last several years of Hong Kong is a bit coin of the real estate business.

Like Bit Coin prices orbiting into the stratosphere did not make sense. 

It was pure speculation on the part of primarily wealthy Chinese in mainland China wishing to keep their money close to home in a hot market.

That may all come to an as many Chinese families must be contemplating whether they should move out of Hong Kong and may have had enough of these protests. 

I’m expecting a lot of those Chinese to consider Bali only 5 1/2 hours away from Hong Kong where they can buy a beautiful large two-bedroom Villa with swimming 200 m from the beach for as $200,000 U.S.D. 

That amount wouldn’t buy them a garage in Hong Kong. 

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