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For 2019 These are the world’s biggest property bubbles as ranked by UBS

Best Asia real estate editor's comments:
EDITOR Lawrence dictating newsletter in Macau several years ago
I found this chart and article below while looking for charts for 2018 for my forthcoming seminar. 
Details of the free seminars are listed below the article.
I found it very interesting that frankly these predictions are exactly in line with my predictions.
Those of you who have been following my predictions for the last 20 years are well aware that I am batting about 95% accuracy on real estate predictions around the world.
Lauren speaking at investment conference in Hong Kong in 2004
If you're in any of these bubble markets you better get out now.
Last year I told everybody to get out of Australia, Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal after visiting those areas I found that the market was way overpriced and all my acid tests were failing.

According the article below "Hong Kong is deemed the most at-risk area in terms of a property price bubble"
That's very interesting because a little over a year ago I started coining the phrase "Hong Kong is the bitcoin of the real estate industry". At the very same time I told everybody to get out of bitcoin when it was almost $20,000 coin now it's around $4,000

Go to sleep come in

UBS names only Chicago as undervalued in its list of 20 global cities.
Munich, Toronto, Vancouver, London, and Amsterdam are also identified as in bubble territory.

Housing prices in Hong Kong are the most overvalued and at the greatest risk of collapse, according to a report focused on 20 major cities.

UBS Group’s Global Real Estate Bubble Index puts Munich, Toronto, Vancouver, London and Amsterdam alongside Hong Kong as cities currently in property bubble territory.

“Major imbalances” are also found in Stockholm, Paris, San Francisco, Frankfurt and Sydney, the report said.

Los Angeles, Zurich, Tokyo, Geneva and New York are merely deemed overvalued, while Chicago is the only city included in the list that is viewed as undervalued.

The UBS researchers found a widespread breadth of the rise in property prices in major cities with prices increasing 35 percent on average over the last five years.

They identified price bubbles as regularly recurring phenomenon in property, defining them as “a substantial and sustained mispricing of an asset.” The report said typical signs include a decoupling of prices from local incomes and rents, as well as excessive construction or bank lending.

“Although many financial centers remain at risk of a housing bubble, we should not compare today’s situation with pre-crisis conditions,” Mark Haefele, chief investment officer at UBS Global Wealth Management, said in a statement.
Attendees at free Bali seminars avoided real estate crashes around the world and profited from new Bali Real Estate upturn. 

At my free seminars since 2017 I made several radical predictions about the world real estate markets and especially Bali. 

I predicted that many real estate markets around the world were going to crash including Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, and even Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal. 

Most attendees did not believe my predictions.
As can be seen in this article that just came out those predictions have come true. 

Probably one of the most profound predictions he made at the seminars was that "Bali real estate was the second best time to buy this century"

"Bali real estate is the second best time to buy this century"

After a four-year down turn in Bali real estate, the first one in modern history, with prices sliding 20% to 50% he was the first real estate expert in Bali to go public and state “this was the time to buy”.

Understandably most seminar attendees the last 12 to 18 months couldn’t believe that the Bali market downturn was over.

Now anybody that is in tune with the market is aware that these predictions have come true as well.

As Bellefontaine cites just the last couple of months when he was personally trying to buy some property for large a development, he found that prices had increased 10% to 20% over the beginning of the year and that supply was drying up, meaning furthermore dramatic increases in the future.

He even made a prediction exactly one year ago that bitcoin was about to crash and told everybody to get out when it was around $20,000 per coin now it’s around $3,975.

Of course, all that is history and the profit you could’ve made is gone.

For 2019 he believes that prices will drop even faster in the markets that are negative now around the world and go up faster in Bali where it’s just started.

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