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Australian home prices mark worst year since 2008 -Going to get worst in 2019

Best Asia Real Estate Editors Comments:A year and 1/2 ago even before prices started falling I warned investors in my seminars, newsletters and blogs that Australia real estate was going to fall in most areas for the first time in decades.
Dear Lawrence with wife and son in Perth for Hopman cup January 2019
At the time nobody believed me. As can be seen below Austrian real estate had a Dramatic drop last year.

Now there asking me how much is going to fall? Unfortunately my answer is a lot. Whatever happened last year is going to be 150% to 200% worse this year.

In fact after visiting Sydney in July and Perth in January a few weeks ago I am more convinced than ever that even Perth which I was on the fence about is also heading down. Too much supply to few buyers and mediocre if not poor economy.

See more about my predictions and my seminars coming up below this article.

Australian home prices mark worst year since 2008
WED, JAN 02, 2019 - 7:55 AM

Australian home prices skidded nearly 5 per cent in 2018, marking their worst year since 2008, led by tighter credit conditions and waning investor interest, and analysts expect the weakness to persist this year.

[SYDNEY] Australian home prices skidded nearly 5 per cent in 2018, marking their worst year since 2008, led by tighter credit conditions and waning investor interest, and analysts expect the weakness to persist this year.

Property values across the country fell for the 15th consecutive month in December, with the rate of decline in Sydney and Melbourne - the two largest markets - worsening over the year, according to property consultant CoreLogic.

Its index of home prices nationally dropped 1.8 per cent in December from November, and tumbled 2.3 per cent for the quarter - the worst quarterly decline in eight years.

Values in the combined capital cities fell 1.3 per cent in the month and 6.1 per cent for the year. Sydney was the worst performing capital city with prices down 1.8 per cent in December.

Regional centres fared better with prices outside the cities staying almost flat.

 ALSO: BlackRock sees ‘prolonged’ slump in Australia's housing market

"Access to credit has been the most significant factor weighing down housing market conditions over the year," said Tim Lawless, head of research at CoreLogic.

Since 2015, regulators have clamped down on risky lending by banks, particularly for interest-only loans, while a raft of scandals amid a high-level government-mandated inquiry has added to an air of caution.

Earlier this year, Australia's prudential regulator did ease some of its lending restrictions, but Mr Lawless said access to finance was likely to remain "the most significant barrier" to an improvement in housing market conditions in 2019.

"Lenders are understandably risk-averse against a backdrop of falling dwelling values, high household debt, rising supply and heightened regulatory focus following the banking royal commission inquiry," he said.

The slowdown has been greatest in Sydney where home prices stumbled nearly 9 per cent on the year, though Melbourne was catching up with an annual drop of 7 per cent.

Sydney and Melbourne comprise about 60 per cent of Australia's housing market by value and 40 per cent by number.

Rental market conditions were also generally subdued, with weekly rents unchanged over the year across combined capital cities. Falling house prices, however, have boosted rental yields, particularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
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At my free seminars since 2017 I made several radical predictions about the world real estate markets and especially Bali. 

I predicted that many real estate markets around the world were going to crash including Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, and even Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal. 

Most attendees did not believe my predictions.
As can be seen in this article that just came out those predictions have come true. 

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"Bali real estate is the second best time to buy this century"

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Understandably most seminar attendees the last 12 to 18 months couldn’t believe that the Bali market downturn was over.

Now anybody that is in tune with the market is aware that these predictions have come true as well.

As Bellefontaine cites just the last couple of months when he was personally trying to buy some property for large a development, he found that prices had increased 10% to 20% over the beginning of the year and that supply was drying up, meaning furthermore dramatic increases in the future.

He even made a prediction exactly one year ago that bitcoin was about to crash and told everybody to get out when it was around $20,000 per coin now it’s around $3,975.

Of course, all that is history and the profit you could’ve made is gone.

For 2019 he believes that prices will drop even faster in the markets that are negative now around the world and go up faster in Bali where it’s just started.

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