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Bali’s Real Estate Demand is Directly Proportional to Bali’s Tourist Demand.

Lawrence speaking at Hong Kong
Real estate seminar 10 years ago
Some 17 years ago after living in Bali for five years and beginning to write a column for the weekly Bali Sun newspaper on real estate I coined the phrase “Bali’s real estate demand is directly proportional to Bali’s tourist demand”.

It was obvious to me that the more tourists that came to Bali the more demand there was for Bali real estate. It was a simple equation.
As couples toured Bali they fell in love it with it as I had. They soon concluded that they had to have a piece of paradise.

Since then tourist demand has consistently increased exponentially. Last year alone we had a 17% increase in tourist arrivals.

Fourth Most Sought After Designation in the World:

Bali is on everybody’s bucket list as indicted in the fact that the readers of the largest online travel website, TripAdvisor, chose it as the fourth most sought after destination in the world earlier this year. They chose Paris, London, Rome and then Bali.

“Fourth most sought after destination in the world”

Bali was chosen as the # 1 Best Designation in Asia
Bali Ranked #I
Best Asian Designation in 2018 by Tripadvisor

Just last month Bali was chosen as the second-best Island in the world by the same organization.

“Second best Island in the world”

Let’s face it if you haven’t been to Bali you haven’t traveled.

So, we can be certain that soon Bali’s tourist demand will continue to increase exponentially therefore Bali real estate demand should increase exponentially as well.

Four types of tourists that buy Bali Real Estate:

There are basically four types of tourists that buy Bali real estate.

(1) Occasional Visitor:

First, the one that we have catered to for the last 14 years, which is the wealthy traveller who has come to Bali year after year and finally decides that they want to purchase something. They only had time to enjoy their villa several weeks of the year and rented it out the rest the time for positive cash flow.

Clients who have purchased in this category include the former Southeast Asia director of General Electric and Ritz-Carlton. Both still own their villas 12 years later. They are satisfied with the returns which are substantially higher than bank time deposits while at the same time allowing them the opportunity to come down and enjoy their villa anytime they wish.

They could also exchange their villa with beautiful homes around the world. Therefore, saving themselves tens of thousands of dollars in hotel rates for the them and their family each year.

Let’s not forget the bragging rights of saying that you own a villa in Bali.

A three bedroom, four bath 600 m² villa with private swimming pool a 12 minute walk to a six kilometer white sand beach is available for as low as $158,000 for these individuals. 

Three bedroom, with private swimming pool  available for as low as $158,000

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if your earning $25-$30,000 a year income from tourist rentals your investment return can be returned very quickly to allow you to enjoy your villa for free.

(2) Strictly Investor

The second type of individual is one who strictly wants to invest and earn investment returns of 10% to 20% per year.

When you consider you’re only receiving 2% on a bank deposit it makes common sense to own a villa in Bali which not only can be rented out for positive cash flow but enjoyed whenever you want.

(3) Those who want to live their life time dream:

Many of the tourists who have come to Bali have had a lifetime dream of living on or close to the ocean. In most places in the world prices are far out of reach for many.

$588,000. See more details at:
In Bali a tourist can purchase a huge magnificent 450 m² villa just a few metres from the beach with an uninstructed rice paddy, volcano, and especially Oceanview for as little as $588,000 with 80 years of leases.

A massive four-bedroom five bathroom with maids’ quarters, private carport and a large 14 mtr swimming pool can be had for as little as $588,000.

See more details at: will stairs and get ready.

Alternatively, for those who wish to purchase strictly for investment or personal home you can search through our high-tech website which features almost 200 of the latest low-cost high-quality Bali properties for
Almost 200 listings at

(4) Full or Part Time Retiree:

There is a new villa and homebuyer in Bali that I’ve been waiting for all these years. 

Within 6 ½ hour flight from Bali there are approximately 70 million baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, who are seeking to retire in an area where it’s 70% cheaper than their homes essence places such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

They seek clean-air, friendly people, great year-round weather, low crime and close proximately to their relatives.

Bali fits the bill for this huge potential of baby boomers retiring full-time or part-time in Bali.

Bali Luxury Retirement Villas:

We were the pioneers in Bali Luxury Investment Villas 17 years ago.

Now we are pioneering Bali Luxury Retirement Villas to meet the needs of this huge increase in demand from a sector of the population that has the money to buy and wants to move here now.

Only $198,000

Our new Bali Luxury Retirement Villas are designed for Baby Boomers who desire large spaces with high ceilings a huge master bedroom, living, dining areas and a guest bedroom plus a private swimming pool.

The best thing about these it is they will start at around $198,000 U.S.D for up to an 80-year lease.

Those who don’t want to retire here full-time can also rent them out as a long-term yearly rental and earn potentially again 5% to 20% per year.

Hall of Fame Management and Marketing:

You won’t have to worry about management or marking of these villas.

Our 135 staff at our14-year-old company, who received the highest accolade from Tripadvisor, their Hall of Fame award, awarded to less than 2% of the hotels in the world will not only manage your villa but also market it for you.

Save $10,000 act now:

Our design for a new villa has just been finalized and we are ready to sell these villas.

To provide incentives to those who can appreciate a great opportunity we are offering a $10,000 discount on the first two villas.

Full specifications and all information will be provided to you for your approval before any agreement is solidified.

Those who wish to request all the information can simply contact me directly.

For further information on these retirement villas or any other Bali Properties please contact me direct at 62-8123814014 or


Owner, President and General Manager of 14-year-old Pt. Bali Affordable Lifestyles International (PT. B.A.L.I.). Doing Business as Best Asia Real Estate. His spouse and partner Azizah, is a fully licensed Indonesian Notaris with a master’s degree in Indonesian Law specializing in real estate, corporate and Marital documentation.

Together they and their 135 professional staff provide a one stop professional, efficient location for Buying, Selling, Leasing and Renting Asian Real Estate.

They manage Best Asia Real Estate, PT. Bali Luxury Villas with rentals starting at $99 ++ per room per night & Bali Luxury Villa Sales Starting at $158,000, plus Bali Paradise Beach Estates rentals starting at $128.00 ++ per night and Estate sales starting at $350,000. plus Emerald Restaurant.


They are a Seven-time Consecutive Certificate of Excellence recipient on the Worlds Largest Travel Site. This places them among the top 10 % of hotels and villas listed by Tripadvisor worldwide.

"Recipients Hall of Fame Award, awarded to only 2 % of the Hotels listed on TripAdvisor World Wide"

Lawrence is also one of Asia’s best-known travel and real estate investment experts. They publish the daily Bali & World News & Views Blog which combined with Bali News and Views Blog has had almost 1,500,000 pageviews. They also publish the Best Asia Real Estate Blog, Facebook and Twitter posts. He offers free real estate seminars throughout Asia every quarter. For Free Seminar schedule email to

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