Tuesday, 24 April 2018

A Rare Opportunity to Own one of Bali’s Most Magnificent Beachfront Estates

Rarely does a Bali Beachfront estate like this come along which is just so spectacular that words cannot describe it. 

Celebrity Home:

The new buyer of this home will be able to boast that it was designed, built and previously occupied by one of Asia’s most famous restaurant owners and chefs. 

His restaurants and cuisine have been ranked among the best in Bali and Asia for many years.

His home has been built meticulously to his own very discerning tastes. 

Location, Location, Location:

This beautiful six bedroom, five bathroom estate is in an area that makes you feel like you’re far away from the tourist areas, but yet you are only a few minutes drive to one of Bali’s major tourist spots, Sanur. A few more minutes away you can reach Denpasar and Ubud.

It is situated on a cul-de-sac with very little traffic, thus ensuring a good night’s sleep. 

View to Die for:

We rate the view from this beachfront estate in the top 3% in Bali.

When you consider that this home is in Bali, which is ranked as one of the top four tourist destinations in the world and the top tourist destination for Asians this year by TripAdvisor, that’s saying a lot.

You, your family and guests will be in awe as you watch the sun magically rise in the northeast each morning.

The front view is a picture-perfect postcard with a 180° view from Mount Rinjani volcano, 124 km away on Lombok. Your eyes then wander to the Channel Islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. 

Finally, the fabulous view ends along the coast of Sanur and the Grand Bali Beach Hotel.

On a clear day you can see all the way to Nusa Dua and the Garuda Wisnu statue on top of Buket.

Barren Beach:

Tourist’s are rare on the beach which is primarily used by locals for fishing, sunbathing or burying themselves in sand which has therapeutic healing capabilities, according to the locals.

First impressions are your lasting impressions:

Your first impressions when you enter the front gate is that only a billionaire could afford this home with it’s wide beautifully manicured driveway.

With an asking price of only 30 billion rupiah (approximately U.S. $2.17 million) it looks like a bargain to anyone in the know.

After the entrance driveway you soon find yourself in a huge parking area capable of handling 4 to 6 cars plus your own private three-car garage.

At the back are staffs quarters for upwards to six staff including a private washroom for them.

A huge generator in the back ensures that you will never be without power, although power in this area is generally pretty good. 

This sets the stage for what you know will be even more surprises as you enter the front door and see a floor to high ceiling carving of white sandstone.

 The living room is massive and opens to a huge dining area which of course would be demanded by a master chef such as the current owner. 

You can see that there was exceptional attention to detail with the granite floors, which will last for ever, along with the hardwood ceilings. These all add substantial value to the property. 

An outside wooden valence adds warmth to the overall feeling of the home which is built to last with strong concrete walls and anti-corrosive fixtures. 
The huge kitchen also naturally was designed the way only a master chef could design it, with all the modern conveniences, huge refrigerator etc. 

It is designed so that the woman of the house or her chef can be in complete contact with their guests as they are preparing the meal.

Massive floor to ceiling glass sliding doors and folding doors allow for complete openness during the dry season, which runs from March until November, and then allowing for closure during the few wet months. 

The front yard and sea water swimming pool are massive and well maintained.

The living area connects to an office/playroom and to a separate guest house with two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. 

The master bedroom on the second floor is the main course designed by this famous chef, restaurant owner. 
 The outdoor deck also features a Jacuzzi, meticulously maintained garden and pond plus a sunken bar to entertain your closest friends. 


You could have many guest’s downstairs and you wouldn’t even know they existed due to the huge size of the upstairs bedroom.

 It hosts a separate sitting area with large bathroom and spectacular walk in closet with combination lock security. 


Fantastic Value at almost 50 % discount
All in all, this represents a fabulous opportunity, especially since it includes over 4,000 m² ( 43,000 Sq. Ft.) of beachfront land.

At the height of the market in 2014 the land alone would have marketed for Rp 40,000,000,00 or almost U.S. $3,000,000 and the home would have cost maybe another $1,000.000 for a total of U.S. $4,000,000. So, with an asking price of only $2,174.000 that’s almost a 50% discount from 2014 prices.

This home will not be on the market long especially since Bali’s real estate market is rebounding after the first four-year downturn in modern history.

There is no question in our minds that this home will sell for substantially more in the very near future.

Avoid disappointment, contact us soon to inspect this Magnificent Estate or ask for more information.

For Information in English: Call 62-8123814014 or Email mailto:info@bestasiarealestate.com

For Information in Bahasa English, Indonesian, German, French Call 628123632177 mailto:info@bestasiarealestate.com

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