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(1) Location: Jakarta, Indonesia, Le Meridien Hotel.

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1. Thursday - Nov. 1st. 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM

2. Saturday - Nov. 3rd. 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Location: Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.Kav. , Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10220 Telepon: (021) 2513131

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Seating is very limited for these free seminars so please avoid disappointment and make reservations A.S.A.P. Click Here For a Reservation Or Email: or Tel: Office: 62-361- 284069 For Bahasa English 62-8123814014 – Bahasa Indonesia or 62-8123632177

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1. Thursday - Nov. 8th. 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM

2. Saturday - Nov. 10th. 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Location: Bali, Emerald Villas, Jl. Karangsari, # 5, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia.

Limited Seating & Free Parking:

Seating is very limited for these free seminars so please avoid disappointment and make reservations A.S.A.P. Click Here For a Reservation Or Email: or Tel: Office: 62-361- 284069 For Bahasa English 62-8123814014 – Bahasa Indonesia or 62-8123632177

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    At these seminars you will learn about:

    • The Past, Present and Future of Bali, Indonesia, Asian and Australian real estate.
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      Limited Seating & Free Parking:

      Seating is very limited for these free seminars so please avoid disappointment and make reservations A.S.A.P.

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      Thursday, 8 March 2018

      Beautiful Celebrity Chef Bo Bendana and Family enjoy Bali Paradise Beach Estates

      Bali & World News & Views Editor’s Comments.

      Over the past 21 years I’ve lived in Bali I have realized that you just never know who you will run into from world renowned celebrities to corporate executives etc.

      It was truly a pleasure this past week to host celebrity American chef, Bo Bendana, at our Bali Paradise Beach Estates.

      Dennis, Bo, Azizah, Lawrence Bali Paradise Beach Estates.

      They stayed with us through a home exchange which we have used very successfully over this last several years to reduce our hotel costs substantially while at the same time enjoying huge modern homes throughout the world.

      Last year alone we stayed in three magnificent homes in in British Columbia and Montréal. A year earlier we exchanged in Croatia.

      After a lovely dinner with her husband Dennis and children last evening we discovered that she has celebrity status in both America and Mexico as Chef, creator and past owner of a “Moroxican” (Moroccan-Mexican fusion) restaurant, Mi Casa Supper Club, with its airy Mediterranean-style décor and oceanfront location less than an hour’s drive from San Diego which has earned rave reviews. See epicure magazine below.

      Their family have been on adventure for approximately one year travelling to France, Italy, Thailand and Bali after selling their restaurant in Mexico.

      This is the last leg of their trip they will be heading back to their home in Newport Beach California where the kids will be put back in school and both Dennis and Bo will decide where the future takes them. Dennis had a very successful cure career in Semi-conductors and sold his company as well is as an art gallery.

      Last night they confided that they loved Bali. They went so far as to furnish their massive home on the beach in Mexico with three containers of furniture and decorations purchased in Bali.

      They may even consider moving here in the future part-time.

      Their stay was blessed with perfect weather and morning views of rice paddies. towering Mount Agung volcano and sunrises over the Badung straits.

      They mentioned that there have been posting many pictures to their friends and relatives throughout the world and many of them have expressed interest in coming over here as well.

      I mentioned that Bali was recently recognized as the number one search on the world’s largest online travel site Tripadvisor and that many people especially Americans are wishing to come to Bali.

      The four-bedroom Bali Paradise Beach Estates that they exchanged with us has a large 14 mtr. swimming pool and unrestricted views all the way to the ocean, only a few metres away.

      They enjoyed walking on the beach and collecting shells with their children.

      As I always say every satisfied guest is 10 more in the future. And celebrity stays like Bo and her husband Dennis will surely lead to exponential increases in guests to Bali our Bali Paradise Beach Estates. And our Bali Luxury Villas starting as low as $128.00 per night.

      Contact me direct 62-8123814014 for substantial owner’s discounts._____________________

      Chef Bo Bendana Brings Innovative Moroxican Cuisine To Baja California, Mexico


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      Growing up in Morocco‘s Casablanca, Bo Bendana was warned that every girl had to learn how to cook, or no one would marry her. “But I don’t want to get married!” 12 year-old Bo told her mother. In spite of her resistance, Bo’s mother taught her to cook. That early introduction to savory ingredients and exotic spices contributed to the success Chef Bo is enjoying in Mexico’s Baja California.

      Her “Moroxican” (Moroccan-Mexican fusion) restaurant, Mi Casa Supper Club, with its airy Mediterranean-style décor and oceanfront location less than an hour’s drive from San Diego, is drawing patrons from both sides of the border for open-to-the-public dinners, private parties, and holiday festivals.

      And her annual white-tie food and wine pairing celebration, Sabor de Baja, held at the famed Rosarito Beach Hotel, has celebrities like Sam the Cooking Guy jumping to be a part of it.

      California transplant, Bo Bendana, is putting Rosarito’s cuisine on the foodie map.


      Mi Casa Supper Club Is Born

      In 2006, Bo Bendana and husband Dennis Sein moved from their home in Newport Beach, California to Rosarito Beach. Rosarito is just a short drive over the Mexican border on Baja peninsula. The first fledgling concept for Mi Casa Supper Club began when Bo offered a dinner at her home for eight people to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club. Much to her surprise, that dinner was sold for close to $1,000.

      Friends urged her to open a restaurant, but Bo was not ready to take on such a major undertaking at that time. But those friends insured her that whenever she was willing to cook, they would come. So Bo and Dennis – a wine connoisseur and collector in his own right – started hosting gourmet dinners with food and wine paring in their own home, once a month. The dinners were private; a membership card was necessary to gain admittance to the dinners.

      The private suppers were wildly successful. The monthly menu would always include dishes that were not the most common, and guests were at first a little apprehensive: rabbit, lamb, duck, escargot. Appetizers ranged from raw oysters to pumpkin mussel soup with toasted peanuts. The dishes were painstakingly prepared and pared with fine wines, and in the end, their guests raved about them and clamored for more.

      Word of the delectable dinners eventually got out, and Bo suddenly found herself flooded with phone calls – many from outside Mexico and United States – from people eager to snag an invitation to the home dinner parties. “I couldn’t do that,” says Bo. “They were strangers and this was where we lived with our two young children.”

      After careful consideration, Bo and Dennis decided to open a semi-private restaurant. Mi Casa (“my house”) Supper Club is open to the public except for one Saturday evening per month, when they continue with the “members only” eight-course food and wine paring dinner party.

      The restaurant location couldn’t be better. Just off the highway, with ample parking, the beautifully appointed dining room overlooks the deep blue Pacific, providing a stunning panorama for sunset cocktails or suppers.


      Mi Casa is a little different than the typical restaurant style. For one thing, it’s only open on weekends. And then there’s Bo’s cultural approach to cooking. Because the basis is Mediterranean, by default it ends up also gluten-free. Everything is fresh and made from scratch, even the sauces. “I was forced to learn how to cook,” laughs Bo, “which in retrospect, was a very good thing.”

      In addition, the restaurant’s menu changes every month, and has included such mouth-watering specialties as juice-oozing short ribs, poblano escargot in epazote compound butter and parmagiano cheese, coffee almond crusted swordfish with potato pave and carrot puré, and dark beer ice cream.

      “One of the dishes that our guests love is Zaalouk,” explains Bo. “It’s a cooked salad made with grilled eggplant (aubergines), tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, olive oil and spices. It’s a common side dish to many meals in Morocco and is usually served as a dip with crusty bread… but at Mi Casa we serve it in smoked paprika sopes. It’s representative of my “Moroxican” cooking.”

      Most of the culinary emphasis in northern Baja focuses on the gastronomy in Tijuana and the growing popularity of the Guadalupe Valley wine country in Ensenada. With Mi Casa located between the two regions, Bo has worked diligently to bring respect to the foodie reputation of Rosarito. “18,000 Americans live in Rosarito,” said Bo. “A lot of them don’t want to drive to Tijuana or Ensenada, they’d rather eat here, at the beach.”

      Sabor de Baja Festival

      In 2013, Bo and Dennis came up with an idea to do a “white summer party” with food and wine paring in an effort to bring more attention to Rosarito. Bo approached Hugo Torres, owner of the renowned Rosarito Beach Hotel. The hotel was made popular mid-century as the hot spot for Hollywood stars and starlets. It was a match made in heaven – the hotel’s romantic rooftop terrace with food, wine and music, and at the town’s beloved hotel – both expats and locals have great affection for Mr. Torres who was also the former mayor of Rosarito and has done much for the community over the years.

      The first Sabor de Baja (“Taste of Baja”) in 2013 was a success, and the subsequent 2014 celebration was even better, necessitating moving the venue from the rooftop to the much larger space in the oceanfront gardens. Almost 500 people paid $60 each, dressed in white, to attend Sabor De Baja this past August 27th in the gardens, sampling some of the best food and drink in Baja.


      “With her great reputation among Baja ‘foodies,’ Ms. Bendana was able to attract most of the guests plus the best chefs in Baja,’ Mr. Torres proclaimed.

      Thirty-two restaurants and producers of wine or beer combined for the pairings. The winner chosen this year by the panel of judges was a pairing of Martin San Roman from his new restaurant La Terrasse at Guadalupe Valley with a wine from Vinecola Alximia, also in the wine valley. Chef San Roman paired marinated pork with hibiscus and grape sauce with an Alximia Libis blend.

      Celebrity judges were Sam Zien (Sam the Cooking Guy), Scott Koenig (The Gringo in Mexico), Joaquín Fernández Rizo, Javier Gonzalez, and Javier Plascencia.





      As for Bo, her favorite was the pairing of the People’s Choice winning dish – a cone (made of wonton), filled with fresh tuna tataki and ponzu sauce, citric juice, wasabi with mango and Persian cucumber topped with an avocado/wasabi cream. The perfect wine selection was the 2013 Madera 5 blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

      “Baja’s cuisine, wine and craft beer are having a wonderful resurgence, thanks in part to attention from celebrity chefs including Anthony Bourdain,” said Rosarito Beach Hotel owner Hugo Torres. “And Bo Bendana has done a wonderful job in organizing these exceptional elegant events.”

      What’s Up Next?

      Giving Back

      When asked about her new expat haven, Bo beams, “I just love this town! The people have been very kind and generous to me and make us feel like we belong here. Every single day we are grateful to be living in this town – we embrace the, um, ‘imperfections.’ We don’t like cookie-cutter style living. We’d rather drive over a pothole than be stuck in traffic for 3 hours!”

      Bo has her own special way of giving back to the community. Instead of looking for older, more experienced chefs, she hires students from the culinary school of Rosarito. “They’re very passionate and they’re young and have dreams,” she says. “I love that! I don’t want someone who’s going to work for me for 10 years. I want to help train newbie chefs who want to make a future for themselves and to open their own restaurants.” The students bring Bo wonderful new ideas of working with Mexican food which she combines with her Moroccan training, creating the Moroxican fusion.

      And the people of Rosarito are responding enthusiastically.

      *All photos courtesy of Mi Casa Supper Club

      About The Author
      Patti Morrow was born with insatiable wanderlust, eventually following her passion into a successful career as a freelance travel writer, blogger and photographer. A self-proclaimed “adrenaline junkie,” she specializes in women’s adventure travel with a focus on baby boomers. Patti has traveled throughout most of the United States and around 50 countries and islands abroad. She has 100+/- bylines in over two dozen publications including the Washington Post, International Living Magazine, Travel Girl Magazine, Divine Caroline, CNN iReport. Follow her adventures at Luggage and Lipstick, Facebook and Twitter.

      Bali and world news and views editor's comments Dennis, Dennis Dennis's

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