Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Bali luxury villas continues to beat the odds with a 29% increase in occupancy in January while others were down 10 to 20%

Bali and World News and Views Editors Comments:

I just received the statistics for our PT. Bali Luxury Villas occupancy for 
January and am very proud to announce a amazing result that we were up 29% over January of 2017. 

What's amazing about this is that it was done during a month when most Bali hotels and villas were down 10% to 20% as a result of a pending volcanic eruption that is seen a massive amount of cancellations, especially during the end of the year.

Our sales manager reports to us that February also looks like it may be a record month over last year. 

The Chinese new year on February 16 is certainly adding to the demand. Now that China has re-instituted  flights after cancelling all fights because of the pending volcanic eruption we anticipate another huge year overall for PT. Bali Luxury Villas .

Of course if the volcano goes off it could cause concern within up to 12 km radius of the volcano, which doesn't affect 95% of Bali's tourism areas.

There could be another few days of shut down if the wind shifts from the normal tradewinds. But overall Bali is still Bali and as TripAdvisor reported last year the most sought after Island destination in the world

Below is a memo  Memo that I just mailed to our very satisfied Bali Luxury Villa Owners.

When you review the extensive memo below you will discover exactly what it's like to own and manage a Bali Luxury Villa located in one of our three villa complexes. 

Bali Luxury Villa Owner Review for 2017:

Dear Bali Luxury Villa Owner:

We hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Christmas, and New Year.

 Occupancy Up 16.2 % in 2017: 

We are very happy to report that  we were able to achieve a 16.2% average increase in occupancy over the last year as per the chart below. 

Our average occupancy for the year was 72%.

"Average occupancy for the year was 72%".

As can be seen by the chart above the only month that our occupancy was below 2016 was December.

 Months such as September, when the volcano first erupted, were up as much is 50% over last year while February was as much as 70% over last year.

91 % Satisfaction Rate 2017:

A saying that I coined years ago after 40 years running a business is, “Success is not Measured by getting there but by staying there".

“Success is not Measured by getting there but by staying there’

Every day of 2017 I watched for any reviews on any one of the four largest online booking services, especially TripAdvisor. 

I also polled our guests often to find out what their latest opinions are of our villas and our services.

Our 2018 Guests Testimonials Speak for Themselves

January 2018

“Thank you for that nice stay. The villa we stayed in was beautiful and all the staff members were really nice. We had a great time and we will definitely recommend it. Food was good, villa was amazing. Location was beautiful and people were nice”. Mr. C. A. Australian, 17th January 2018.

“Excellent Staff”. Mr. W. M. Netherland, 16th January 2018.

“We loved the villas and the staff were so beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful stay – we loved Tirta” Mrs. C. G. Australian, 14th January 2018.

We have had a fabulous 3 weeks staying at Emeralds Villas where the staff from villa cleaning, maintenance and restaurant staff have been fantastic, no request has been to much and provided with a smile”. Mr. T. S. Australian, 14th January 2018.

“This was our first visit this year. We have had another great stay. Staff are lovely & nothing is too much. We will be back. Location is great & our villa has been lovely”. Mr. L. L. Australian, 04th January 2018.

“Our stay was outstanding. Komang was an excellent help in both housekeeping and tourist information. Thank you”.

I’m very happy to say that last year under sometimes very difficult circumstances during the volcano eruption for example we were able to achieve an overall satisfaction rate on the four largest booking services of 91% which is a record high for us.

Not only did we receive TripAdvisor’s highest award granted to 10% of the hotels in the world, their certificate of excellence for the seventh consecutive year, following up on our Hall of Fame award for five years of consecutive receiving this reward.

Our Emerald villas moved up from rated #13 out of 125 to #6 out of 146 Speciality Lodging in Sanur. after 350 reviews. 

Excellent Management:

The next time you see our assistant manager Gede, Housekeeping Manager Wayan both Putus in Accounting and of course the Receptionists, Security, Gardeners, Pool Men, and Housekeepers please thank them for doing a great job throughout 2017.

From Left C0- Owners, Azizah, Lawrence , and Managers, Wayan, Putu,Yanthi, Putu
Celebrating our 13th. Year Anniversary
I personally want to thank my wonderful wife Azizah who is co-owner of our company.

Azizah utilized her Twelve years  experience as a Lawyer, Notaris and  Director of a Bali hotel for 12 years to insure that all our corp documents and Govt, mandated employee requirements were up to date.

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